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In 2012, two St. Louis homeschool, family friendly, affordable theater companies, Broadway on the Driveway (BOTD) and Act II, were no longer available.  This created a growing demand to fill the void of affordable Christian musical theater options in St. Louis. As a young cast member performing with BOTD and Act II since she was five years old, Rebekah Side, a high school junior decided to fill this void by starting Take 3 Christian Theater as a director in 3013. Kathy, her mother, took the role of producer and supporting mom.  Growing up on the east coast gave Kathy the opportunity to attend all the Sight and Sound productions in Lancaster, PA. Kathy was inspired by these Christian shows that were professionally done with excellence.

In 2013, Take 3 Christian Theater was launched with its first cast consisting of K-9th grade homeschoolers.  When an opportunity arose to partner with The Pillar Foundation, a center for high schooled homeschoolers, Rebekah and Kathy jumped at the chance!  Knowing the time and commitment required to produce a quality play, they resolved that it would only be worthwhile if Take 3 was a ministry. Since then, interested cast members and audiences have grown exponentially affirming the resolve to keep the shows “Christ centered” and affordable not only to their cast members, but also to audience members.  Rebekah directed Take 3’s first six seasons. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2019 in Theater from Missouri Baptist University and Rebekah is currently studying at the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Kathy now continues the tradition of partnering with new student leaders who share the same commitment in our vision: Educate, Edify, and Entertain, to the Glory of God!  

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