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About Us

Vision Statement of the Company

Take 3 Christian Theater seeks to encourage young artists, technicians, and performers to use their God-given gifts/talents to educate, edify, and entertain in order to bring glory to God. It is Take 3’s desire to be more than a theater company dedicated to developing actors.  Take 3 is a ministry to serve. Although the cast develops stronger musical, theater, and dance skills each year being encouraged to do their best to perform with excellence, the greater hope is to bless our audiences and bring glory to God.


Everyone who is a part of the company is continually encouraged to seek a heart turned toward God, so that His love is reflected in this ministry.  Keeping a humble heart is a consistent challenge in the theatrical arts. The Scripture says we can have all kinds of gifts and talents, faith, wisdom, and even good motives, but if we do not have love, it is worthless.  When art is used for God’s purpose, the focus is on serving others. For this reason, Take 3 seeks for the company, to be humble, to be other-centered, to be teachable, to be willing to serve, to encourage, and to defer to one another in brotherly love.

Mission Statement of the Ministry

The vision of Take 3 Christian Theater is to educate, edify, and entertain to the glory of God through theatrical productions.  In the spring, Take 3 performs a full-length Broadway-style musical production with a Biblically themed emphasis for the St. Louis community.   During the Christmas season, Take 3 partners with other local ministries to offer short theatrical performances for their outreach programs. Take 3 is committed to producing quality productions that support Judeo-Christian values suitable for family-friendly entertainment.  

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