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Our Sponsors are individuals, churches, businesses, and various organizations who generously donate their time, resources, and monetary gifts that help financially support and enable Take 3 to keep cast production fees affordable and free production tickets available to the audiences.


Financial Supporters:  

  • Take 3 Christian Theater’s budget each season ranges from $12,000 - $14,000. Each year Take 3 invests in the company through donations to purchase equipment and supplies for rehearsals and the productions to be used for the current season and future seasons. For example, because of the generous donations this past season, an investment was made in lights and sound equipment costing over $6,000 which will save the company year-to-year mounting rental fees The cast themselves are asked to contribute production fees as a show of support in not just their time and talents, but in their resources as well.

  • Every dollar donated goes directly to production and company expenses. ALL staff and volunteers donate their time, talents, and resources without any financial compensation. For example, there are no paid producers, directors, musicians, or board members and their generosity and kindness to serve with their time and talents is unmeasurable.

  • Click the link to find out how you can BECOME A FINANCIAL SUPPORTER.


Volunteer support:

  • Coordinating full, professionally done, musical theater productions with an entire company of non-paid staff members, can only be accomplished with many, many volunteers serving. Last year alone, upwards of 75 volunteers served! Take 3 Christian Theater is humbled that so many individuals sacrificially donate their time and resources.

  • Click the link to find out how you can be a VOLUNTEER within the orchestra, tech team, set design team, or one of our many volunteer positions available.

Audition to be a cast member:

  • Cast members are chosen through an audition process.

  • Cast members are chosen after an evaluation of vocal and dance auditions, by a panel of judges. Callbacks are also used in solidifying role choices.

  • Click the link to find out how you can BECOME A CAST MEMBER.




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