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History of Take 3

In 2012, two St. Louis homeschool, family friendly, affordable theater companies, Broadway on the Driveway (BOTD) and Act II, were no longer available.  This created a growing demand to fill the void of affordable Christian musical theater options in St. Louis.

As a young cast member performing with BOTD and Act II since she was five years old, Rebekah Side, a high school junior decided to fill this void by starting Take 3 Christian Theater in 2013.   With Rebekah as the director and Kathy, her mom, acting as the “adult” in charge while still homeschooling her 7 children, this duo launch performing arts classes with just K-9th homeschool students.   After just one year, the excitement of concept caught on and with the support of the Pillar Foundation, Take 3 graduated to auditioning 7th grade – 12 grade homeschool students to take gospel centered productions on the road traveling to over 10 venues a year.

Since then, the Lord provided Eliana Steele, who had been involved in production leadership with Rebekah since 2017, to lead Take 3 as the senior director with Kathy at her side assisting as producer serving as needed.

Eliana Steele

Today, because of the growing support of donors, the Pillar Foundation, various St. Louis churches, many sacrificial non-paid volunteers, talent production leaders, and passionate homeschool teens, Take 3 continues the tradition to use the performing arts as a ministry to educate, edify, and entertain to the Glory of God affordably entertain thousands of audiences’ members for the sake of the Gospel.

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